Wendy’s Returns to Japan with Old Favorites and a New Premium Menu

December 28, 2011

We wrote about Wendy’s planning a return to Japan over a year ago and the return has now become a reality. Wendy’s is back in Japan, and most importantly so is their trademark baked potato with toppings which had been sadly and inexplicably discontinued in the months leading up to Wendy’s previous demise in Japan. Wendy has returned with the baked potato, chili, frosty, and the iconic square shaped burgers, with a “Japan Premium Menu” as well.   The premium menu from left to right is the “Foie Gras Rossini Burger”, the “Avocado Wasabi Burger”, the “Truffle and Porcini Grilled Chicken”, and the “Chili Burger”.

As the store reopens there are news reports of long lines and satisfied customers, but as with any business in Japan, it remains to be seen whether Wendy’s expand by this one Omotesando store and become presence and real competitor in the lucrative Japanese fast food market.

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1 "Tokyo Five" January 3, 2012 at 4:18 pm

I wrote about this too.
But at the time of my post, Wendy’s had only announced the Foie Gras Burger and not the others yet: