Junior High School Principal Purse Snatcher Arrested

March 18, 2008

He was fired but all is good. The principal of Bunkyo Gakuin University admitted to the theft giving the ubiquitous catch-all Japanese reason. He was drunk. He’s since been fired as principal.

My comments?
He was fired, but probably received his entire severence pay… at age 52, I guess he’s been working and paying into the private school teachers’ pension plan for about 25 years or so… He probably received a severence pay of close to 3 years salary in addition to other pension plans he was paying into. He will probably also take a job in another school as a part time teacher for a good salary, or move into the university in an office position at least. These bad teachers do surprisingly well after they are fired. You also have to consider the fact that it’s just a misdemeanor for which there will probably be no jail time and just a small fine. The school system he’s in will certainly take care of him. (Just my interpretation of the situation here.)