Osaka Governor Toru Hashimoto – Vies for Worst Twitter User Ever

February 3, 2011

If you are a resident of Osaka and would like to read some opinion papers written by your governor, Toru Hashimoto, you now have the option of reading them at a bite-sized pace.

New to twitter, it seems that Hashimoto (whose twitter profile shows he follows no one) jumped in feet first without testing the waters or learning more about the scene.

We don’t expect perfection, but it seems like the former rugby playin’, lots of kid havin’, tv show appearin’ lawyer is just copy and pasting segments of longer essays and dropping them like blocks on his followers who currently number over 31,000. I’m sure the number of followers that actually read all of his tweets has 3 or so less place holders in it.

I don’t mean to be overly harsh, but Twitter could be his chance to better understand people in his prefecture and connect with people. In some of his more recent tweets, he does seem to respond to some of what’s being said about his flow of words. In recent tweets he responded that he has not been tweeting during his work time, and has not been using any government owned equipment.

Well, I’m sure this will be a bit of a story in Osaka, but I’m also sure that Governor Hashimoto is a smart guy and will soon find a use for his Twitter account that he feels is productive. We’ll see if this becomes a non-story.

My advice for the gov would just be to follow some people known for their use of twitter and get used to the system before publishing a giant treatise, and to enjoy some of the fun aspects of Twitter and get to know what people are really thinking.