More Google in Japan news

February 26, 2008

The headline reads “Group with Google and others building cross-Pacific Broadband cable”. The important point though is who the “others are” in this case.

One “other” is Bharti Airtel Limited, an Indian integrated telecom services provider. Others are various asian communications and mobile products companies… however one of the group which calls itself “Unity”…

is KDDI of AU cell phones.

Whereas there was a lot of talk about Docomo and Google hooking up, it still seems that AU and Google are much closer, now involved in a 300 million dollar deal to connect what may end up being close to a worldwide string of countries through a fiber optic cable.

Add in that Japan recently launched an internet satellite called “Kizuna” to fascilitate high speed data transmission, and you can see how Japan and the rest of Asia is evolving into an amazingly connected area.

“Kizuna” is not supposed to be for commercial use, but now the machinery is in place for an enterprising company or companies to put up their own satellite sometime in the near future. I’m looking at you Google and KDDI!