Monthly Top YouTube Search Terms in Japan 2010

December 15, 2010

YouTube Japan has recently released a list of the most popular keywords used to search for videos in Japan. This could be a good 2010 “Japan cultural literacy” test for people to see if they know what these are.

On to the list:

January – 涙 (namida). This word means tear or tears (as in what comes out of your eyes when you cry).

February –  オリンピック (orinpikku) meaning “the olympics”

March – 北乃きい Kii Kitano

April –  Bump of Chicken

May –  ヒルクライム (hirukuraimu) usually spelled Hilcrhyme.

June – ワールドカップ (warudo kappu) – the world cup.

July – 倖田來未 (koda kumi) a.k.a. Kumi Koda

August – Perfume

September – 君に届け (kimi ni todoke) and at the risk of providing a hint, it’s commonly referred to in English as “From Me to You”

October –  Gee

November – 海上保安庁 (kaijohoancho), the Japan Coast Guard

It’s kind of an interesting look back on the year.