Mac Akasaka (Makku Akasaka) Tokyo Governor Candidacy Video

April 2, 2011

If I had a vote in the Tokyo election coming up, I can tell you who would get my vote… however, being a fan of good writing I would rather show you than tell you.

Introducing Mac Akasaka or Makku Akasaka who identifies himself with the “Smile” party and has decided to announce his candidacy for the Tokyo governor’s election by enjoying a little “Smile Therapy” with us all.


I don’t think he’s serious about being governor, but he’s serious about Smile Therapy and getting his message out.

One of my favorite parts is around the 3 minute 30 second mark when he stands up and his head goes out of the frame. Some commenters also lamented that he didn’t have anyone providing sign language support.

I also like that he wants to “cut those tall Shinjuku buildings in half”. Later, at about 5’15” into the video he says his thank yous and that he’s got nothing else to say. In the final minute he asks everyone to please hang up his poster because Tokyo is very big and he can’t do it all himself…. with golden comedic timing.

His introduction mentioned he is a graduate of highly respected Kyoto University. He also reportedly has a doctorate in social psychology. His website can be found here: Japan Smile Party.

Mr. Akasaka, good luck from all of us here at Newzjapan.