Last of the Cheap Gas and One Good Use of Blogs

April 30, 2008

So I bought myself about 33 liters of gas today for about 122 yen per liter. That’s a pretty good price for today, and an amazing price for tomorrow.

The newspaper’s warning us that prices might go up to 160 in some places. Prime Minister Fukuda even came on air to apologize and thank the people for their apathy cooperation.

There were some nice, inexplicable protests asking for the tax to be raised so that more new roads can be built in Wakayama… but isn’t that why the highways still cost money whereas many were promised to become freeways?

Anyway, I’ll get to one good use of a blog… that’s the fact that I have a blog entry from the day before the tax reduction was instated so that I can compare the cost of gas from the end of March and the beginning of May.

Here’s the previous post which shows the price of gas to be 149 yen per liter in my area before the drop.

Gas Prices Drop 25 yen per liter in Japan for the Time Being

Tune in tomorrow and I’ll tell you the size of the new hole in my pocket!

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