Computer Made Especially for the Elderly by Fujitsu

June 22, 2008

With text at 25% larger and easier to use menus for such things as “use the internet”, “email”, and “create a postcard”, Fujitsu is trying to tap into an estimated million person market for computers that would be easy for senior citizens to use.

They plan to first put out about 2000 computers to test the market. The price will be 148,000 yen including set up. They also have plans to produce models with touch panels this fall.

Check out this site if you want to see the PR video for the FMV Raku Raku Pack.

If you think it’s a little interesting that one of the main menu items for the computer is set to be “Make a Postcard”, it’s because of the tradition of sending everyone you know a New Year’s Card every year. Just before Christmas in Japan printers, printer ink, and printer related items sell like crazy because the New Year’s cards usually have to be sent by December 22nd or some time around then so that they all arrive exactly on January 1st. Just if you were wondering.