Bad Teacher Forces Girl to Kneel on the Floor and Apologize for Forgetting Notebook

March 18, 2008

A 53 year old teacher forced a girl to kneel on the floor and apologize in front of the class for having forgotten to give a notebook to one of her classmates. The teacher had asked the girl to deliver a notebook to a classmate who’d had to leave school early one day.

This is a big deal because what the teacher made the girl do is called “Dogeza” in Japanese. It’s what you see the guys in old samurais doing when they do something to make someone above them angry. Now in Japan, forcing someone to do this can be considered a form of bullying.

The teacher also topped it all off by telling the girl who hadn’t received the notebook that she didn’t need to forgive the girl who’d apologized. (Making the dogeza even worse and more meaningless.)