Associate Professor PhD Candidate Sexual Harrassment Case

March 18, 2008

There was another recent case of professor accepting bribes to give a good review to PhD students’ theses… (if anyone’s interested in the details I can dig them up)

This time we have a case of a Chiba University professor threatened saying that she would never be able to graduate without his help. In return for his help, he asked her to “be his lover for 6 months.”

Several students are believed to have visited the professor’s home, or received preferential treatment in various ways.

(Note: most of the articles on this topic describe the woman as a PhD candidate, which would mean that she was in the doctoral program already. The Japanese article describes her as a graduate student. I assume this means she was in the Master’s program.)

One of the students helped by the professor was given a graduate school entrance exam on which all of the questions in the English section were the same as those used the previous year.