Momotaro aka The Peach Boy is a very well known Japanese folktale. It’s most often depicted with cute characters, although the story itself is an action packed battle starring Momotaro and the monkey, pheasant, and dog he befriends in his travels.

Pepsi Japan has picked up the story and began releasing a series of commercials to advertise their calorie free Pepsi Nex. I’ve embedded them below and if you are a fan of the folklore, feudal japan movies, or monster action flicks in the vain of Godzilla you won’t be disappointed.

The videos star the extremely popular actor Shun Oguri in the lead role:

Episode 1 takes place before Momotaro has gathered his band of friends.

And there is also an Episode 0 featuring the pheasant, monkey, and dog as well.

I was perusing through some of the recently added tv shows on Hulu the other day (I have Hulu Plus so I can watch on my devices), and noticed that some live action Japanese tv shows have been added for (I believe) the first time.

They seem to be shows also available on the “DramaFever” web site, so let’s hope they catch on and more tv shows become available legally outside of Japan.

I’ll list the shows I’ve found down here and add to it if I see more activity.

In addition to now having the Pokemon and Pokemon Origins shows among tons of other anime:

AKB48 NE-Mouse TV  ”AKB48ネ申テレビ” (Season 1) – which is a variety show starring the ubiquitous AKB48 singing group and hosted by grouchy comedian Hiroiki Ariyoshi.

AKB48 Ne Mouse TV   Anime

You can also find the following dramas:

Future Diary – Another World  “未来日記 Another:World”

future diary

Last Cinderella  “ラスト・シンデレラ”

last cinderella

Mischievous Kiss  “イタズラなキス Love In Tokyo”

Hours of my Life ”僕のいた時間”

mischeivous kiss

A Clinic on the Sea  “海の上の診療所”

Switch Girl!!  ”スイッチガール!!”

switch girl

Now, I haven’t seen these yet, but they are in my queue and I’ll be on the lookout for more.

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