How to Make Money with Japan Blogs

October 16, 2010

In a previous post I discussed why I started a Japan news blog.

This post is about what to do when you want to make a little money with that blog.

First up, I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone interested in making passive income through a blog try the free month offer at The Keyword Academy.

It’s free to use the services, watch the instructional videos, and do what you need to do for a month.

The Keyword Academy has a tool, free for members with which you can upload an Excel sheet full of keywords you are interested in. It will estimate the earning potential, and also evaluate your competitors for the top 5 spots in Google rankings for that keyword.

In the case of Japan blogs, most of the competition for top spots is pretty strong, but when you start to get localized and use longer keywords, some specialized knowledge about Japan or other topics can go along way. There are still plenty of keywords out there for which there are advertisers (mostly through Google Adsense, but also ebay, amazon, and others) looking for relevant blogs.

One reason I like the keyword academy is that everything taught and written respects Google’s Adsense terms of service. There is no black hat, and no reason to worry¬† about your blog if you follow their advice.

There are people using the services who blog full time, some of whom have badges advertising monthly incomes in the thousands.

There are other services for link building (which I may discuss in a later post), and keeping track of your work, not to mention a very fun, caring, and active members’ forum.

I know that people are wary of these kinds of services, but I urge you to take advantage of the free month to look around the site, make use of it and learn all you can. If you feel the services are still worth it, you can stay on for $33 a month and continue to use the forums, the keyword tool, and other great services. The content is also continually being updated with new webinars, videos, and of course the forum.

I actually own blogs outside of the Japan niche that focus on some of my other interests and provide a small income each month. I’m still learning and working toward hopefully writing or blogging full time someday. Wouldn’t that be a nice thing for someone who wants the freedom to bounce around multiple countries!

Here is The Keyword Academy link again for the free first month (this is not time sensitive, the guys that run the academy are confident enough in their product that they always offer the first month free or for $1.)