Tokyo Electric Looking for Part Time Workers in Japan

April 11, 2011

Tokyo Electric is looking for a few good part-timers willing to do some work in the nuclear power plants in Fukushima. They are offering workers 10,000 yen per hour to take the risk and do some work for them.

Although over $100 US sounds like a good hourly rate, they only want people to work 3 hours a day so it will end up being a not so bad salary of about 30,000 yen per day.

If anyone is interested, here are some links. The links are in Japanese but if you have trouble reading these, maybe a nuclear power plant on the verge of exploding with all the signs written in Japanese isn’t the safest place for you.

(It reminds me of my early years in Japan when I use to pretend that I thought signs that read 立ち入り禁止 meant “foreigners welcome!”… much to the chagrin of my Japanese friends. For the record, I have since aged like a fine soy sauce.)

Here are the ads for the jobs in two different job search sites:

I’m not really sure how much Japanese ability they expect, but it might be worth inquiring if someone really wants to try.