iPhone Coming to AU in Japan

October 3, 2011

Lots of “leaked” information is floating around the internet showing that the iPhone is going to be coming to carriers other than SoftBank in Japan for the first time. The picture below has shown up on Twitter and at the bottom says:

“This service available for iPhone users October 21, 2011.”

I don’t know if they are intentionally leaking this information to create buzz ahead of the official announcement but there have been a lot of indications that the iPhone is on its way. This is good news for AU users, obviously, but others as well thanks to number portability in Japan. If you had SoftBank before just for the iPhone and want the arguably better service offered by AU, the iPhone will be there for you. AU is hopefully planning some good deals to get people to switch as well.

That being said, it may be safe to guess that the iPhone will also be available on Docomo around the same time. This all will also correspond with the iPhone 5 (correction… seems this will be the iPhone 4S) making it’s splash into the Japanese market.


Update: As predicted the new iPhone 4S will be available for use on AU KDDI’s system. The iPhone 4S will be available in Japan after October 14th.