Yoji “Pop” Asano Tries Out for American Idol

February 5, 2011

There are not a lot of performers from Japan who make it big in Hollywood. Now with the addition of Yoji “Pop” Asano, that number remains exactly the same. He did however get a lot of unintentional laughs for his interview style (teachers of English in Japan will not be surprised), and praise for his Michael Jackson like moves. He is a Michael Jackson impersonator in Japan, and decided to try his hand at being the next American Idol.

My favorite part is at the beginning, when he chases some geese as Ryan Seacrest mentions his intensity and discipline.

Here’s the audition for as long as it lasts on YouTube:

Now to get to know the “essential” Yoji Asano, here’s a video on his YouTube channel to let you get to know who the man behind the music is.

Seriously though, I wish him the best. He’s obviously got performing in his blood, and is now famous throughout the US for his audition and may get a William Hung kind of fame if he’s lucky.