Satomi Shigemori Japanese Idol Comedy Video

April 26, 2009

OK, I don’t usually write about Japanese idols or gravure or anything like that, but I think I’ve found one worth writing about. Right not she seems like she wants to do the DVDs and everything, but she is also a talented comedian. I watch most of the comedy shows on tv here in Japan, and one day Satomi Shigemori came on. She’s actually funny which means that if she can avoid writing anything inappropriate on her blog (Here’s Satomi Shigemori’s blog), and can keep her head above water in the crazy, sexual harassment, stress, alcohol, and drug filled world of entertainment in Japan, I think she can be a pretty big star.

The joke is that she has trouble saying certain words. During the course of trying to say them she often throws in a sexy word or other pun.

Check it out for yourself, here’s a video of Ms. Satomi Shigemori in action.

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1 Cody Taylor September 16, 2009 at 5:34 am

She really is adorable. I found some really cute images here