Pepsi Japan’s Impressive Momotaro (Peach Boy) Pepsi Nex Ad Campaign

August 26, 2014

Momotaro aka The Peach Boy is a very well known Japanese folktale. It’s most often depicted with cute characters, although the story itself is an action packed battle starring Momotaro and the monkey, pheasant, and dog he befriends in his travels.

Pepsi Japan has picked up the story and began releasing a series of commercials to advertise their calorie free Pepsi Nex. I’ve embedded them below and if you are a fan of the folklore, feudal japan movies, or monster action flicks in the vain of Godzilla you won’t be disappointed.

The videos star the extremely popular actor Shun Oguri in the lead role:

Episode 1 takes place before Momotaro has gathered his band of friends.

And there is also an Episode 0 featuring the pheasant, monkey, and dog as well.