NHK Kids Show Mitsuketa Ofurosuki

August 27, 2009

This comes to us from the same NHK Kids show “Mitsuketa” or “I Found It”. This is the same show that gives us the NHK Kids Show Cactus Character, and also the awesome rock sounds of Tortoise Matsumoto of Ulfuls singing the NHK kids rock song Tamago.

Yes, this is a weird old guy in a pink cow suit. Yes, he’s scary as all hell… but kids love him and he’s really funny. His name is Ofuroski or Ofurosuki or Ofurosky… I don’t don’t how you’d spell it in English but it’s a play on Ofuro = bath and suki=like (as romaji, the proper spelling is Ofurosuki). He loves the bath, and sometimes comes out of it to do something fun or funny or educational for kids. He’ll play little games like how many words that start with shi (remember this is Japanese) you can think of in 5 seconds. When it’s the kids’ turn try he’ll make faces while they do it.

The videos below show two versions of one of the bits my kids and I especially like. He finds stuff laying around and asks the eternal question… “Do you think it’ll stand up?” Then he tries to figure out ways to make stuff stand. Seems kind of simple to us, but it’s a fun game to look at things with your kids and try to figure out how to make it stand up.

Ofurosuki “Tatsukana Sono 1”

Ofurosuki “Tatsukana Sono 2”