Miku Natsume Making a Comeback

April 3, 2011

Miku Natsume, who lost her regular job as an tv announcer because of a leaked picture of her holding a box of condoms, is happily making a comeback on a rival network. (The article featured on newzjapan.com is here: Miku Natsume Loses Job Over Photo)

Natsume who lost her job at Nihon Terebi or Nippon Television Corporation will be back on the air with rival network TV Asahi. She will be working with popular cross dressing personality Matsuko Deluxe and Hiroiki Ariyoshi, who is known for his biting but poignant comments on the new variety show titled “Angry New Party” in English. In Japanese, the title is Ikari Shindo. The title mimics the way political parties are named. The show hopes to let viewers laugh abou the things that really make them mad every day.

The show will be broadcast on TV Asahi every Tuesday, late night from 1:21a.m. to 1:51a.m. Japan time.

Here are the three stars of the show. Miku Natsume is the furthest to the left, Ariyoshi is in the middle, and Matsuko Deluxe is on the right.