Japanese Singer Does 146 Pushups In 1 Minute Sort Of

February 5, 2009

Takahisa Masuda, member of the Japanese singing group NEWS came on an afternoon tv show to show off his super speed and strength by doing over one hundred push-ups in one minute.

They made a little stage for him. Prepared some timers and click-counters and devoted some time on the program to shine.

After you watch the video you will see why the net came alive with people just itching to make fun of the poor deluded soul.

Here is the awesomeness that is Takahisa Masuda from NEWS.

If you watch the host and co-host of the show you can see the host scrambling for positive things to say. He obviously thought the kid would do real push-ups and believed whatever NEWS’s handlers had said Masuda would do.

The female co-host is doing what the female co-hosts on Japanese shows are paid to do, make it interesting and believable by using the clicker to count and being amazed by the display of superhuman strength and speed before her.

Now, I know I’ve peaked your interest in the band NEWS so I’ll give you a short run down. The name refers to the four directions, North, East, West, and South. There were 9 members at first. One left. Then two members were kicked out for underaged drinking in a park. Now there are six members going strong.


1 Dave February 5, 2009 at 12:09 pm

Got to say, I get your updates via the RSS feed and so usually just read the articles from there. Read this one though and knew that I had to come onto the site and check out the video! I know exactly what you mean about the Japanese woman there just to “sugoooooiiiiiiii” at it all.

It is very rare a video or post actually makes me laugh out loud, but this one did. Good on ya!

2 jay February 5, 2009 at 3:38 pm

Thanks for checking it out. It was hard to find one to embed because the fans who recorded it are kind of protective. Most of the youtube comments were positive (fans), but 2CH had a field day with it!