How to Watch American TV Shows from Japan

September 11, 2011

When I first moved to Japan it was rare for people to have email and NHK was pretty much my only way to watch any American tv… due to these extenuating circumstances… yes, I have seen every episode of Full House, and far too many episodes of Airwolf than I should have.

As the internet has grown, I’ve used torrents and other P2P means to watch tv shows. More recently it’s been sites that aggregate links to tv shows on video sites such as Megavideo or others in China and other parts of the world. I’ve tried HotSpot Shield as well. They’ve all worked for me to a certain extent, but I thought it would be nice be able to actually follow my favorite shows from Japan and have a pretty reliable way to do it…

We are currently in an era in which this is possible. Using a Virtual Personal Network to access content from an IP address in the US is the current answer and it is a very good one.

I also came across a YouTube video that explains it better than I ever would so I’d like to embed that here with a thanks to the creator “Nigel” and a link to his website: “Fishing Fukuoka” which has a lot of useful information about one of my favorite places to visit in Japan.

Here is the embed of the video which could have you watching the latest episode of your favorite American tv show from Japan (or anywhere else) in no time.

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1 Rochelle September 19, 2011 at 9:40 pm

I loved this site! it gave me an idea of what Japan is like and id love to visit one day!