Beyonce on Japan TV Show “Waratte Iitomo”

December 11, 2008

Here’s a video for the ages… The real Beyonce (with little sister Solange) met her Japanese doppleganger… sort of. Well, a girl that impersonates her… sort of. Anyway the American Beyonce finally met the Japanese Beyonce whose real name is Naomi Watanabe. Check out the video for yourself. The only thing that’s hard to decide is who’s sexier!

Now, my pet peeve with the show here… as often is the case, the interpreter mucks up the works. The comedians around were building Beyonce up to see someone who looks just like her, hoping to get a good reaction. Instead of doing the proper interpretation and playing along, you can here the translator say something to the effect of, “She looks nothing like you.”

If you are supposed to be interpreting, why influence the flow of the show and the interactions of the participants by tossing in your own commentary? She’s the interpreter. She should leave the flow of the show to the professional singers, managers, and comedians on the show. It may not have made much difference but if Beyonce thought she was going to see a “real” Japanese Beyonce she may have gotten an even bigger kick out of it all.

Interpreter, interpret!


1 Dave December 26, 2008 at 7:32 am

I think that’s great that the interpreter decided to just do a bit of improvising herself! Would have loved to seen the guys reactions if they realised what the interpreter was saying to Beyonce.

As soon as Naomi came out though I had to stop the video. I can watch that thing once on TV but to watch it again is just a punishment!

2 jay December 27, 2008 at 7:55 am

Did you see the Iitomo evening special with the super giant Naomi Watanabe impersonator? It just keeps getting scarier and scarier… I’m sure she’s going to disappear soon enough unless she comes up with something other than that same old bit. Her swan song will be some diet show, she’ll lose some weight and then go back to doing some other job (but maybe I underestimate her, she is a Yoshimoto alum).

3 Dave December 29, 2008 at 1:35 am

Didn’t see it, thank god. You’d think she will have to come up with something else other than the impersonation. Miracle Hikaru, for example, is a good impersonator but actually has some singing talent and then does a pretty mean stand-up routine too, by all accounts.