Au Hikari Power of Optics Commercial and Making

September 20, 2014

AU Hikari is a broadband service for subscribers in Japan including internet (yeah, 1GBps), tv, and digital phone. Their most recent commercial uses a Rube Goldberg machine to highlight the “power of optics”. Rube Goldberg machines are referred to in Japanese as a Pythagoras Device or sometimes by the eponym “Pythagoras Switch” (named after the popular NHK kids short program).

It uses a light beam reflected, refracted, and other “re” words from physics 101 to heat up and illuminate it’s way to the big ending. See the video below and a making of video below that.  I think that for this kind of thing, a “planning of” video would be more interesting though… what kind of awesome ideas were thrown out the window.

It sure beats the old commercial starring comediennes “Mori San Chu”, actress Ayame Goriki, and violinist Taro Hakase.