Japanese Women’s Olympic Curling Team – Team Aomori

February 17, 2010

Team Aomori is the women’s curling team from Japan. They are young and extremely popular in Japan. After the Torino Olympics 4 years ago, the team members continued to find themselves followed by the tabloids and a myriad of fans.
japanese curling team

This year’s team is also young and good-looking and promises to be popular in Japan whether they medal in Vancouver or not. Here is a short introduction to the team.

Moe Meguro is the Skip (Captain) of the team. (center in the picture above)

  • Started curling in third grade
  • Also represented Japan in Torino in 2006
  • She also has a personal blog called “Moe Blog

Anna Ohmiya is Third (second from the right in the picture above)

  • Has been curling since she was 10
  • On the team at the Torino Olympics
  • Her official blog is on Team Aomori’s homepage here: “Anna Ohmiya’s Anna-log

Mari Motohashi is the Second (second from the left in the picture above)

  • She has been curling for 12 years
  • Competed in the Torino Olympics
  • Her favorite singers are Rihanna, Mariah Carey, and Lil’ Wayne
  • Her blog is “Mari Motohashi Curling Life“, and has a lot of photos and information.

Kotomi Ishizaki is the Lead (furthest to the left in the photo above)

Mayo Yamaura is the fifth (furthest right in the photo above)

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1 Jackthesmilingblack May 6, 2010 at 4:37 pm

Any chance of some action pictures?
I’m teaching English to a curling fan here in Karuizawa.

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