Japanese Baseball Player Daisuke Hayakawa Throws Bats at Catchers

April 6, 2009

This is a good example of bad sportsmanship… Yet again Daisuke Hayakawa who plays for the Chiba Lotte Marines threw a bat at a catcher. The latest victim is Hosokawa who plays for Seibu.

Here are three videos of the Hayakawa throwing a bat!

The second video above is the worse and most blatant… it seems Hayakawa thinks that throwing a bat at the catcher could be a legitimate way of helping his teammates steal a base.

I had heard before that the umpires in Japan have trouble controlling the players, and get treated pretty badly so I don’t expect to see any penalties against Hayakawa anytime soon. If anything I think we might see an increase in high school players following his lead!

If ithe ump doesn’t call it, it’s all good right?

Some people on the bulletin boards are calling for a boycott on Lotte candy and gum… I would love to see the guy let go, fined, or suspended or something, but I’ve never seen that happen. If anybody knows Japanese baseball a little better than me, is there a system in place for the league to discipline players?


1 Dave April 6, 2009 at 5:16 am

I would expect the incident to be described as “regrettable” (that all-encompassing word) and for the player to be “warned about his behaviour”. Expect to see it happen again in the near future, with a similar punishment. I have no idea what he’d have to do to get fired by the club. I would suggest beating a catcher to death on field with the bat but that would probably just result in a game or 2 suspension/rest

2 jay April 7, 2009 at 2:55 am

There are definitely some things I wish they’d fix about the whole baseball system here, from the “chibi” baseball level up to the professional leagues.