“Guzen dazo!” “It’s Gonna Happen!” mistranslation? Big buzz in sports in japan!

April 4, 2008

Japan is all abuzz about this fan seen at the Cubs game

He was holding up a sign which said, “It’s Gonna Happen!” on one side, and “Guzen dazo!” on the other side in Japanese characters. Assuming that the English for “It’s gonna happen” is correct, then “Guzen dazo” which sounds more like, “It’s just chance, you know!” Bordering on, “You just got lucky!”

However, (and I wrote the same thing for my Japanese readers on my Japanese language parenting blog) it’s the feeling that counts! Let’s not get all wrapped up in the words!

The final thought for this blog, of course is, what exactly does this young Chicago Cubs fan think is going to happen?

(p.s. I will allow myself a short editorial comment here: It’s the Philly’s year anyway, baby!)