Thrown Keys Stop Trains and Affect 8600 Communters

August 6, 2008

Sometimes things happen in movies and everyone in the audience just thinks, “No one would ever do anything like that in real life.”

I think this is one of those things that’s hard to believe anyone would ever really do…

So here’s the scene…

It’s about 7:20am on August 6th in Saga Prefecture.

Husband walks wife to the train station to go to work. After wife enters the train station, husband realizes he didn’t bring his keys so he can’t get back into the house.

Husband shouts, “I don’t have my keys!”

Wife says, “Catch!” and throws them… across 10 meter wide train tracks, or rather hoping to get them across said tracks .

I forgot to mention the long string attached to the keys which help them to get caught on a power cable over the tracks.

At first she fled, but came back 30 minutes later with her husband to apologize and promise to carefully hand the keys to her husband. It is to be supposed that everyone had a nice unconfortable laugh after that and called it a day… except for the 8600 people who were up to 47 minutes late getting where they were going.