Somebody Revolt or Something! Prime Minister Fukuda’s Approval at 26.6%

April 6, 2008

If I have any readers from England or any other country with a prime minister, I have to ask!!! Would this fly? Wouldn’t there be a call for elections way before the approval had sunk this low.

The government has already missed its own deadline for resolving the missing pensions debacle, is giving a one month reprieve on gasoline tax in Japan, but how will people feel when it jumps up to its regular price in May?

What about the Bank of Japan’s top post? How irresponsible is it to leave such an important post open, especially given the strides the Japanese economy has begun to make? Is he trying to do a lame duck style screwing up of the system? Is he just too weak to move on this? Is he going to claim to be “sick” like Abe did and step down?

Now is the time that Fukuda’s people do not want reelections, but now is the time that THE people need to force them. I think it’s time for Japanese voters to show a little backbone for once.

Source: Cabinet Support Sinks to New Low

That’s why, even with all their faults, I’m a fan of these new governors like Hashimoto and Higashikokubaru. They have their own money and careers, making them uncomplicated by concerns about “amakudari” or the “descent from heaven” prevalent in Japanese politics. They also have the public support to be vocal and speak out against the old way of thinking.

I’m not sure if being on tv so much helps them or hurts them, but I hope the system continues to be bucked.