No Power to the People – Fukuda Cabinet Disapproval over 50% No end in sight

March 3, 2008

A Mainichi Shimbun poll came up with a 51 percent disapproval rating. 1043 people over age 20 were polled in a random phone survey this weekend. It’s easy for someone to say that they may not actually be over 51 percent given the standard of deviation for the survey, but really… is that how you want to live.

Time to clean the closet. From the Abe cabinet to the Fukuda cabinet, people are bearing with a government they don’t have faith in. Scandals and boat crashes and misappropriation of public funds and misplaced retirement funds, still no talk of general elections… the last time he was asked I remember Fukuda claiming that it was not what the people wanted.

I think they want to see something happen. I think people are wishing that it had been Aso that the party put into power last year.

I want to see some huge elections putting more people like Governor Hashimoto and Governor Higashikokubaru in office. They are both educated entertainers turned politicians who have money, do not have to rely on “amakudari” (descent from heaven) private sector jobs after their terms end, and so have the freedom and power to make changes the old boys’ club may not like.

Just my 2 yens.