New Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s First Faux Pas on Video

June 5, 2010

No sooner has Naoto Kan entered office and been hailed as a very different, very competent law maker and specialist in fixing financial crises, a youtube video of his first faux pas has also come out on the web.

The video shows Kan waving to supporters happily and crossing the street… while the DO NOT WALK sign is lit. The video is from August of 2009 when Kan was speaking and meeting people on street corners in Tokyo.

(Japanese politicians often station themselves at busy streetcorners or train stations with banners and a megaphone to do grass roots campaigning.)

Please know that I don’t really think this is a big deal or reflects on how he’ll do as a prime minister. I do like to see the human side of these Japanese politicians though!

Here’s the video of a very happy Kan happily jaywalking in Tokyo.

Video can’t be embedded so please click here to go to youtube to see it.

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1 George Donnelly June 5, 2010 at 11:16 pm

How vapid. As soon as they introduce him he sets off running? I bet it works to raise his profile (if done enough times) but it’s so superficial.