Follow Prime Minister Hatoyama on Twitter Japan

December 26, 2009

UPDATE: No surprise here that the Hatoyama Twitter Acct is a fake. Just one of those things campy enough that you wish they were true. I’ll leave the link and my initial article as it was.

OK, I’m going to say first of all that it’s possible this is a fake account, but all I’ve read so far seems to indicate that it is real. I’ll update immediately if I hear that Hatoyama’s twitter account is fake.

The tweets are all in Japanese so far, but if you want a little look inside the mind of the current Japanese Prime Minister (a colorful character to say the least)\, please help yourself to an earful of his tweets at his twitter account:

If you don’t read Japanese, you’ve always got a million options and Firefox addons to get an English approximation…

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