Top Ten Japanese First Date Deal-Breakers

January 17, 2010

Another Excite news poll has come out this time giving us a look at the moments in a first date when Japanese women realize they could never date the guy they are with. This could be helpful if you are new to dating in Japan, or just interested in the differences and similarities between dating in Japan and other countries.

10.  He orders without asking your opinion.

9. He already has plans for after the date.

8. He won’t converse about topics you introduce.

7. His doesn’t allow outdoor shoes in his car.

6. He won’t do anything that wasn’t a part of his original date plan.

5. He only talks about himself.

4. He won’t go to anywhere he doesn’t have a coupon for.

3. He spends too much time talking with his friends on his mobile phone.

2. He sends texts while talking to you.

1. He divides up the costs to the nearest 1 yen.

I think this is a pretty general list for first dates around the world. The most uniquely Japanese one is probably number 7. There are a lot of people in Japan who want you to take off your shoes before you get in the car. That’s not to say there aren’t a lot of people with cars full of old McDonald’s wrappers, coffee cans, and trash, but also don’t be too surprised the first time someone hands you a baggie to put your shoes in before you get in the car.

Also, number 1 surprised me a little bit, but mostly because I expected the biggest deal-breaker to be not paying for the whole thing. I get the feeling sometimes that very few women actually want to split the bill, and even if they offer to pay their half, paying the whole thing is always a plus.