Top 16 Unmanly Habits of Japanese Men

February 16, 2009

This list to us comes courtesy of an article on Livedoor News.

Japanese women were asked to list the “effeminate” things that men do. Please keep in mind that these answers came from Japanese women about Japanese men. We here at newzjapan aren’t saying this ourselves (although I’ve seen all of this behavior myself so I’m also not in a position to shoot this poll down.) Here are the top 10 unmanly things Japanese men do according to a poll of Japanese women done by Livedoor you can see the original Japanese article at the link above.

I don’t know why I like these polls so much, I question their validity, but at the same time I like it when people in Japanese society look into the mirror. Also… some of them are just funny, sad but true but funny.

Just a note, the list is not supposed to be a ranking of the items, but a list… maybe bullet points are more apporopriate, but the original article numbers them so I went with that.

Let’s take a look at the list then:

  1. Not having their own opinion and just going along with things.
  2. Blaming other people for everything.
  3. Being unable to make important decisions.
  4. Giving up all the time.
  5. Depending on their parents for everything.
  6. Stays quiet even when strangers bother him on the train.
  7. They act weak around other people, but bully their girlfriends.
  8. They are very picky eaters.
  9. They are stingy and when going dutch, try to divid the bill too exactly (down to the 10 yen).
  10. They ask women to treat them to dinner or going out.
  11. Do nothing but badmouth their job.
  12. Emails and text messages are too long.
  13. Complain all the time.
  14. Look at themselves in the mirror a lot.
  15. Care too much about their looks.
  16. They are physically weak or sickly.

I guess if you want to be considered manly here you can just do the opposite of the above!

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1 Dave February 19, 2009 at 3:12 pm

1. Check
3. Check

Well, 2 out of 16 ain’t bad! I would have thought “having a Louis Vuitton manbag” should be up there too.