Top 10 Things Japanese Women Do That Turn Men Off

October 12, 2009

Sometimes I like to throw in some of these fun posts, like a recent poll of women in Japan about things that women do that turn men off.

Anyway, on to the list:

10. Being too fickle about food.

9. Not making an effort to dress up.

8. When it comes time to pay, they don’t even reach for their wallets.

7. When you ask them to go somewhere they respond, “OK… if you are treating!”

6. Badmouthing friends.

5. Everything they say is a complaint about something.

4. Asking about your ex-girlfriends.

3. Talking about how many men they’ve been with.

2. Using foul language.

1. Acting differently when there is a good-looking guy around.

Sounds like a pretty international list to me… I don’t see anything that is especially Japanese which is good. I like it when things like this show people’s similarities rather than differences. This comes from an article in Japanese on livedoor news.