Things Guys in Japan Did That Made Them Think They Were Cool

June 27, 2010

There was a poll recently done by the Japanese search engine Goo about things that guys in Japan did that made them think they were “the man”.

As always these polls provide us with a completely unscientific, most probably skewed, but generally entertaining view of Japanese society through the eyes of, well… people who give and take online polls.

Here’s the top ten:

  1. Treated a woman to something
  2. Carried something heavy for a woman
  3. Did something cool playing sports when a girl was watching
  4. Treated one of my juniors to something
  5. Sang a ballad at karaoke
  6. Tried staring off into the distance
  7. Show off some recently learned trivia
  8. Undid the second button of my shirt
  9. Let my bangs flow horizontally across my forehead
  10. Loosened my necktie and let it hang loose