Noriko Sakai Offered Million Dollar Adult Movie Deal

November 11, 2009

Japanese entertainment site Zakzak reports that several adult video companies have approached Noriko Sakai with million dollar deals. Adult videos featuring former actresses and idols sell extremely well in Japan. A video featuring Sakai would probably be the best selling Japanese adult film in history.

Sakai is a former child star, actress, and idol. She was highly respected and revered until her husband Yuichi Takaso was arrested and she fled throughout Japan hoping to avoid authorities until all evidence of drug use was out of her system.

Sakai was convicted and sentenced to an 18 month sentence suspended 3 years.

Newzjapan Commentary:

I think Sakai is going to have no problem making a comeback. She may start out playing a bad girl or a vixen but there’s no doubt she still has Japan’s attention. Now the fascination of her fans is further fueled by rumors of her and her husband’s sexual adventures, her frequent appearances at clubs, and the way she surprised a nation by throwing away her cell phone and making a break for it once her drug use was known.

Noriko Sakai will be fine without having to do anything but just tell her story, pretend to repent, and take what money comes.