Japanese Singer Hitomi Calls Out Lazy Husbands

February 9, 2011

Japanese singer, Hitomi, has called her own husband her greatest enemy in raising their children. She recently released a new baby clothing line in collaboration with Seven&i Holdings (the growing powerhouse behind Japan’s 7-11 convenience stores, Itoyokado malls, and much more).

Hitomi’s clothing line will be called Pomipomi, and when announcing it commented that there are many things she wants her husband, actor Masayoshi Haneda, to do, but in the end he’s an “enemy” to her child raising efforts.

She praised actor/singer Takeshi Tsuruno for his efforts to help his family around the house in addition to working.

Tsuruno was a guest at the press release.

Hitomi says that she focused her efforts on making the baby clothes easy to put on, and colorful.