Japanese Idol Aya Matsuura’s Image Used for Egg Donation Ad

March 24, 2010

The other day, I was perusing Craigslist, and did a search for the term “Japanese” in the job listing section.

I was not particularly surprised to see that there was an ad searching for asian egg donors that came up. My first reaction to the ad was that they certainly paid for pretty models to pose, and I wondered if any of them had ever actually donated eggs… then I looked at the girl furthest to the right.

aya matsuura egg donor advertisement

No, that’s not Ai Haruna… that’s Aya Matsuura, one of the biggest pop star idols in Japan. I don’t know who the other two girls are, but the third is definitely “Ayaya”.

I would be very very surprised if I heard that this photo was being used under a proper copyright… then again, anything’s possible.

Here’s a link to her not-very-often-updated blog, just in case there is anyone out there unfamiliar with her. Aya Matsuura Blog

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