Japanese Figure Skater to Introduce New Clothing Line and Kimonos

December 31, 2010

Currently Japan’s most popular female figure skater, Mao Asada, has announced that she will be introducing a new clothing line called “MaoMao”. She has a very positive image as a classic Japanese woman now, and at this time the clothing line will be mostly made up of “Wafuku” or Japanese style clothing.

I think this is one of the best business decisions she could make. Japanese girls aged 19 and 20 will be purchasing or renting kimonos for their Coming of Age Day, or Adult’s Day ceremonies in which those Japanese girls will become Japanese women.

The line is expected to be introduced and available around May of 2011, in time for the Coming of Age Day kimono ordering season. She will take a first hand role in the design of the kimonos. There will also be formal Japanese clothing for the summer and the graduation season.

On Coming of Age Day, although business suits or other formal clothing may often be worn, women tend to wear winter kimonos (depending on the location). Men wear either suits or kimonos.

Mao Asada recently finished second at the 2010 Japan National Figure Skating Championships, but garnered the highest ratings for a sports event. Her performance garnered a viewer share of 29% in the Kanto Region and clearing 30% by the end. In the Kansai Region she gained a 22.7% share.

Miki Ando took first place and won her third Japanese championship in the competition. Third place went to sixteen year old Kanako Murakami.