Japanese Announcer Miku Natsume Loses Job Over Photo

January 8, 2011

Japanese Announcer Miku Natsume has recently lost her job over photos released which show her, fully clothed, holding up an unopened condom box. Other photos in the set showed her with a man, her boyfriend at the time. Rumors are that an ex-boyfriend released the pictures.

She is a very good announcer with an atypical, slightly deeper voice than the average female Japanese announcer.

Most people on the net have commented about how stupid this decision is, but tv stations sometimes go to great, almost suffocating lengths to control the images of their announcers.

This is a shame. I really hope she lands on her feet. This is no sex tape, in fact, it can be spun into a positive message for the Japanese use with whom condom use is far lower than it should be.

See the “controversial” photo to the below.

UPDATE: Miku Natsume Comeback – Her Return to TV


1 Mr. S. January 8, 2011 at 5:36 pm

Because everyone knows it is louche for a young woman to use condoms, and inappropriate for doctors to prescribe birth control, because they can make a killing on abortions.

2 Mr. S. January 8, 2011 at 5:45 pm

And the boyfriend needs a beating.

3 jay@newzjapan January 8, 2011 at 6:13 pm

Mr. S – Yes, the boyfriend, whose face is conveniently covered in the photos of them together. I hope she doesn’t take this sitting down. There are lots of ways to market herself as a freelance announcer or journalist, and from the comments I’ve seen on the net in Japanese, she seems to have a lot of support from fans who don’t really care about that. Being even more successful is her best victory.

One anime fan on the web made a funny point about not caring about her being sexually active… he wrote, “it’s not like she’s an anime voice actress”. (A lot of hardcore anime fans like to think of the voice actresses as completely pristine.)