Japan makes CNN’s front page again with another story about escorts

April 7, 2008

This time they throw in the term “geisha guys” for creditability.

Check the article here, entitled: Japan’s ‘geisha guys’ the latest accessory

CNN could report on stories about the Prime Minister’s approval rating, the murder of the taxi driver by a U.S. marine, even the murder of the Filipina hostess I wrote about just today (with that one they might even be able to trhow in the “hostess” or “escort” or “geisha” angle they covet so much).

Instead, they’re contribution to the world’s knowledge about Japan is an article about…

“Geisha Guys”

Some other unchecked pop-Japanology in the article

  • hundreds of host clubs which have “popped up” around Tokyo (implying that these host clubs have only recently come about)

The host clubs are not a new phenomenon, but CNN’s writers must really love to talk about them, or maybe that’s where they hang out when they’re on business here because the last article that made it big on CNN was about an underage boy who ran up a huge bill at a hostess club pretending to be a high roller.

(CNN Reports About the Hostess Club 16 Year Old Playboy)  (The original CNN article I wrote about has since disappeared, but it probably came out of the same office.)

I just don’t see how articles like this are of interest to anyone other than people who want to stereotype and confirm their stereotypes.