Great Collection of Photos from 2011 World Cup Finals Nadeshiko Japan

July 18, 2011

nadeshiko japan women's soccerEven the new 2011 World Cup Champions, Nadeshiko Japan have jobs. Most of them play for company affiliated teams in Japan’s corporate league. This means that aside from training and playing in games, they have regular jobs they do during the off-season. One such player is Aya Sameshima, who is with the Boston Breakers now in the U.S. but had a job with Tokyo Denryoku or Tokyo Electric before the earthquake and tsunami that led to the team being disbanded.


Here is a photo of Aya Sameshima at work, looking like any other professional woman in Japan.

There are other great photos from the finals available on the net, including the unique and whimsical celebration by Aya Miyama, and candid shots of Japanese national treasure Homare Sawa showing a range of emotions during the game.

Below is a nice shot of Mana Iwabuchi on the left and Karina Maruyama on the right showing off their medals.

nadeshiko japan women's soccer

More photos, actually the largest collection I’ve seen can be found at this Japanese language site.

Photos From the World Cup Finals 2011 with Nadeshiko Japan.