CNN Reports about the Hostess Club 16 Year Old Playboy

January 20, 2008

CNN Reports this story in its U.S. edition.

Boy, 16, enjoys champagne, hostesses

This is why only people that understand Japanese and that made a sincere effort to learn about the real Japan know anything about Japan.

Even in the English language newspapers in Japan you have news about the 14 year old girl with a possible eating disorder who died after being refused treatment at several hospitals or a boy who killed his family and (don’t read the next line if you are eating or delicate) cut his mother’s stomach open and stuffed a doll into it.

Those stories show a lot more about the kinds of social and criminal problems Japan is dealing with now. As for the jobless teen being a playboy, it sounds like the kid just went crazy. Don’t you think it’s funny that nobody tried to check if he actually had any money when he passed the $1,000 mark? They knew they’d get their money… I’m just surprised they went through the police instead of contacting his family and threatening them into paying in installments with a high interest rate. He ordered two bottles of Dom Perignon and 60 glasses of alcohol according to the CNN story. Most of these were likely watered down drinks for the hostesses that were attending to him. They run prices up on people at places like this all the time. Maybe this time when they tried to call his parents, they said they’d refuse to pay the high interest way. Who knows…

Point is, if you put just ONE story about Japan on the front page of CNN, why this one? Maybe they thought they could get Dr. Phil to bring Britney along and go talk to the kid.

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