Beautiful Scandalized Japanese Actress – Mona Yamamoto Gets M.B.A.

January 23, 2011

Through all the scandals, Mona Yamamoto has remained strong and true to herself. Vilified by some after being photographed going to a love hotel with married baseball player, Tomohiro Nioka in 2008.

In some media Yamamoto was treated as a femme fatale while Nioka escaped too much consternation. She refused to take all the blame and instead decided to return to school to further her education. She registered and began taking distance classes at University of Wales toward earning a Masters in Business Administration.

The program she completed may be the University of Wales distance learning MBA in Japanese.

She married last year, and her husband (who is in real estate) who has been supportive of her studies as she spent a lot of late nights skyping with classmates and writing reports.

Look for the Norwegian-Japanese announcer to get even bigger than she was before the scandal and MBA, returning to Japanese TV as an “expert analyst”, host of news-entertainment shows, and a contestant on quiz shows.

The photo is from her blog.