Adult Video Star Miyuki Asao Latest Hydrogen Sulfide Suicide Tragedy

May 13, 2008

Back to the hydrogen sulfide suicides, another recent big news story is that an adult film star named Miyuki Asao. She recently killed herself after talking to a tabloid magazine about her exploits having slept with 50 famous people, most of whom were young popular comedians. She was 22 years old. At the time of her suicide she was being bashed on the internet for threatening to reveal the identities of the people she’d had relationships with.

There are reports of people publishing her personal information, address, and other things, as well as cases in which people commented on her personal blog leaving directions on how to commit suicide. There are also postings from someone claiming to be Asao on 2CH, the largest internet bulletin board in Japan, telling the people bashing her to look forward to her coming suicide. There was also a message saying something to the effect of “sorry I was ever born”.

This kind of news kills me. There are so many of these evil enablers in Japan. They spend a lot of time trying to feel like they influenced people into doing what they want. You see this with junior high school bullies writing bad things about people they don’t like on the internet, or even slipping nasty notes into their pencil cases. This kind of behavior doesn’t seem to disappear even as people grow older and should be maturing. Adults do it.

I’ve often seen events in Japan which I felt would be cause for some anger management courses. I’ve seen it at work, on the streets, among friends and strangers alike. Getting angry and yelling is normal here, whereas among my circle of friends that behavior seems juvenile.

I know I’m giving everyone a hard time about this, but I’m always shocked and upset when someone young passes away, but a 22 year old girl regardless of her job, probably has enough problems getting along in society without a bunch of people relentlessly heckling her and demanding her suicide. If she also has some insecurities or emotional problems to start with, there’s even more reason just to let her be.

Lastly, it’s not even like it affects the lives of these bullies anyway. They don’t know her personally and never would have anyway. To be honest, until she died, I didn’t even know who she was so it wouldn’t have been hard for these bullies to just have ignored her. The result is the same.

I really think the young people here need some help creating the kind of society that would not allow this kind of bullying to happen. One big step would be if it actually were ineffective. If these guys got no response from their victim it wouldn’t be any fun and they’d probably just stop. Judging from Ms. Asao’s blog entries it seems that some people also wrote in to support her. I wish she’d listened to them instead of the few idiot detractors.

Sorry I’m running on like this, but the death of Ms. Asao, the recent spate of murders of young female high school students, the countless gruesome murders and mutilations, and the children dying from abuse or neglect are starting to really get to me. It seems like they’re all related and a country with this much money, technology, and intelligence should really be able to get to the source and make a change. Does the bureaucracy here prevent the improvement of society? Is there some reason it’s ok to be this angry, this hurt, this hurtful, this lonely?