Top 10 Japanese TV Shows Parents Don’t Want Kids to See

May 18, 2011

This is a part of the annual poll conducted of members of Japan’s National PTA Association. It lists the top 8 Japanese TV shows that members think kids should not see.

Topping the list for the 8th year in a row is a favorite among non-Japanese residents in Japan, followed by other perennials and even some shows from NHK.

1. London Hearts (TV Asahi)

2. Crayon Shinchan (TV Asahi)

3. Mech Mecha Ike (Fuji TV) – note that this show is sometimes covered on newzjapan – Japanese Comedy TV Show Mecha Ike Adds New Members

4. Ken Shimura’s Bakatono – Bakatono could be translated as “idiot lord” (as in feudal lord) or “idiot rich” (as in rich people or people born wealthy)

5. Quiz! Hexagon II!

6. Haneru no Tobira – You Knock on a Jumping Door! – (yeah, the English they use here would send it to number 1 for me)

7. Piramekino – (see video below)

8. Gyoretsu no Dekiru Horitsu Sodansho – Known for its bad English catchphrase “Give me a truth!”

9. Lincoln – (also a favorite among ex-pats, the variety show headed by comedy duo Downtown)

10. Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arehende!! – (this popular show is one of the shows often seen on the internet representing those “crazy Japanese TV shows” with guys being whipped for laughing… they are all professional comedians, this show is also led by Downtown)

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