Junior High Students in Japan Try to Make Teacher Have Miscarriage

March 28, 2009

The title should say it all, but sadly it doesn’t.

The teacher in question is a pregnant woman in her thirties. She works at a junior high school in Handa City in Aichi Prefecture.

During the beginning of third term (January) this year she scolded some students in club. She also did a seating change in her class that some of the students were dissatisfied with.

The students were so dissatisfied that they decided to form a “Make Teacher Have a Miscarriage Club”.

This particular school uses the “kyushoku” lunch program in which student eat lunch at school. The students take turns on lunch duty dishing out the food to their teacher and other students. They took this chance to mix foreign substances into the teacher’s food.

They also did things such as loosen the screws on her chair so that she’s fall, and smeared a mixture of chalk, toothpaste, and glue on her car.

They were apparently doing the “mischief” from the middle of January until it was discovered in mid-February.

The students and their parents were brought in to school at which time the students were scolded by the principal.

Later the principal commented that the kids were just playing a game, and some were only going along with the crowd so there’s no need to press charges. They didn’t seriously intend to make the teacher have a miscarriage. They are very sorry and the school wi’ll do some educational programs about the value of life.

Two brief comments here:

This should also be national news and it’s a much bigger deal than the school is making it. Damage to a teacher’s car, tampering with her food, and tampering with her chair in order to cause physical harm. They are not going to learn this is the wrong thing to do just with a lecture from the principal. These parents and teachers have a lot of work to do if they want their kids to really learn a lesson from this. The pessimistic side of me worries that many parents are not involved enough in their kids moral education, or at least do not pay enough attention to what kind of people their children are becoming. It’s the classic problem of schools and families making appearances good while serious emotional and mental problems are ignored.

My second observation is that these kids were pretty bad at the mischief they were trying to do… if the news stories are to be believed, it took weeks for anyone to even realize these kids were doing bad things! That does not mean I think they should get any lenience for being incompetent criminals.


1 William March 29, 2009 at 3:58 am

Shinjiadanai! Can someone please tell me the name of this high school. I would like to launch a campaign to oust the principal for gross negligence. f the students tried to poison a pregnant woman, that is considered attempted murder. I want to know the superintendent’s take on this! “Just a game”! It takes outsiders to squash sociopathic trends in Hanada it seems!

2 FANTA March 29, 2009 at 6:25 am

The junior high school name is “Nariwa Junior High School”

3 jay March 29, 2009 at 12:19 pm

Has this news reached English language media anywhere? CNN runs stories about the success of Uniqlo or 16 year old gigolos in Japan but you never see things like this that show what Japan is really like on the inside.

FANTA- Is it Narawa? Seems to be a middle school in Handa City called Narawa.

… but I think the real problem is not with this school, but that this kind of thing happens all the time all over the country. Lots of things covered for the supposed protection of the school, victims, and perpetrators, however the lack of consequences for actions gives the kids the wrong message. I’d like to see how these kids (some reports say there are at least 16 kids involved) go on to live their lives. I hope at least some of them reform, but where’s the incentive to do so?

4 Dave March 29, 2009 at 1:18 pm

Wow. Just wow…

Will definitely spread the word about this one. Am surprised that the parents of the kids involved didn’t put the blame squarely with the teacher herself.

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