Japanese Teacher and Volleyball Coach Beats Up Student

April 3, 2009

This story comes out of Chiba City…

A 35 year old man, whom I can only assume is a bad teacher and advisor to the volleyball club at Mitsuwadai Junior High School in Chiba, beat up a 14 year old male student during a volleyball practice on March 8th.

During practice, the teacher called out to two boys on the team, but didn’t hear the response of one of them and got angry. He punched the boy in the face, grabbed him by the shoulders, and through him to the floor. When the boy tried to stand up, the teacher kicked him in the face BREAKING HIS TWO FRONT TEETH.

The teacher then brought the boy to the hospital. Later that evening the teacher and principal of the school apologized to the boy and his parents.

The teacher was relieved of his duties as volleyball team advisor, and asked to work from home starting March 30th.

The principal promised that he would discipline the teachers so that this kind of think will not happen again, however it’s also been reported in the news that this teacher had been disciplined for kicking club members in the past.

A little commentary from newzjapan:
Let’s look at the punishment for the teacher first of all… he was put on home duty starting March 30th (coinciding conveniently with Spring Vacation). My guess is that this April will be considered a new school year and he’ll be teaching kids again and advising a different club starting next week. He may even be returned to the volleyball club after a year or two.

He has done it in the past.

Outside of the school environment, if a 35 year old man had kicked and punched a 14 year old boy bad enough that he needed medical treatment, he’d be going to jail. In the school he gets a longer Spring vacation and less duties in the coming year.

Lastly, it never ceases to amaze me how much students, parents, and fellow teachers put up with. (I am referring to the fact that this has happened before, and things I’ve seen and heard of myself.)
Here’s the link to the story in Yahoo Japan News:
Teacher Kicks Student for not Responding