Japanese Pre-school Parents’ Crazy Requests

April 4, 2008

If you, like most of the major journalists in the U.S. (see my pop-Japanology posts), are under the mistaken impression that Japan is an unassuming, grin-and-bear-it type of society, here’s a great list of some of the things today’s Japanese parents are expecting from their kids’ preschools.

  • “I’m busy in the mornings so the day care school should prepare breakfast for parents as well!”
  • “I want to sell my kids’ clothes on an online auction site so don’t make us write their names on the tags!”
  • “The nap time is too long so my kids don’t sleep at night!”

The school which received the complaint about naps eventually cancelled naps which brought on new problems for teachers, students, and the parents themselves.

Complaints and claims against day cares and preschools have also increased to the point at which many have been forced to hire lawyers.

Sources: http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/e-japan/toyama/news/20080403-OYT8T00052.htm