Mystery Man Leaves One Million Yen at Ramen Shop in Osaka for Children

August 7, 2010

A mystery man left one million yen at an Osaka ramen shop for the owner to “feed children ramen”. The ramen shop owner respected his wishes and served 1,540 bowls of ramen to children for free.

Now the shop owner and some local people are looking for the man in order to thank him. The neighborhood children call him “Uncle Million Yen” (Hyakuman En Ojisan), and want to thank him as well.

The man left the money at the ramen shop after he finished eating there on July 27th. He appeared to be in his 30s and wore glasses.

The ramen owner fed 70 local junior high school children on the first day, and over a thousand other elementary and pre-school aged children during the next 5 days.